Entrepreneurial activities and business law belong together. In this area as well, we will provide you with reliable, clear solutions that are customised to reflect the specific challenges you face.

The best arguments for your standpoint.

When it comes to your rights, you need specialists with legal acumen, appropriate industry experience, and sensitivity to your specific situation.

The lawyers of Nölle & Stoevesandt Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft have been specialising in private and public commercial law for years. They supplement our interdisciplinary approach with their specialist expertise and legal finesse. One focal point of our collaboration with the firm is legal support during M&A transactions, nationally and internationally, provided in both German and English.

Consulting does not just come into play in the case of legal proceedings but can also help you determine clear and unequivocal legal relationships for the future. The focus is always on economically practical solutions.

The lawyers collaborate closely with the auditors and tax advisors in our company. For you, this means that problems are detected early on and solutions that take all business aspects into account can be found more quickly. We work seamlessly to handle complex projects as a single unit.